How to Make an Impression on Your Professors

Posted on: 20 Sep, 2016

Your interactions with professors can make a significant impact on how smoothly your courses go and how much you get out of the college experience. Creating a good impression is not as difficult as you might think and you don’t have to be outstanding in academics to do it. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t strive […]

First Semester: First Weeks of College Guide

Posted on: 08 Sep, 2016

The first weeks of college can be one of the scariest times for any student. For many, it’s their first time living away from home. They have to face their peers, professors, and resident assistants on their own. School orientation programs help, but nothing can prepare you for everything. There is much to learn in […]

Resist Temptation: Don’t Skip Syllabus Week

Posted on: 06 Sep, 2016

The first week of classes, often referred to as syllabus week, is arguably one of the most important weeks in a semester. While some courses will not dive too deeply into teaching subject matter in that first week, it is the time when you will learn the most about how the course will be conducted. […]

College Move-In Day! 10 Essentials for Dorm Room Living

Posted on: 25 Aug, 2016

When preparing to move into your new college residence hall room, it is a good idea to have the essentials in hand before you begin classes. The first few weeks of college life will be extraordinarily hectic and a little advanced prep will allow you to enjoy dormitory living. Dorm rooms are known for being […]

Tips for Taking Better Notes

Posted on: 10 Feb, 2014

College can prove to be a stressful environment and keeping on top of your studies is often more difficult than it seems. Students who take good notes do better on tests and retain more information than students who don’t. We wanted to put together a list of useful note taking tips that will help you […]

Test Tips

Posted on: 25 Nov, 2013

Students often find that taking tests turns out to be the most challenging aspect of going to college. Whether they are prepping for their TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, LSAT, or even just their Organic Chemistry Test, a large portion of people find that they freeze when presented with testing materials. Here are some ways to avoid […]