Our team will find you the best academic options based on your academic performance, personal desires and budget. Unlike many of our competitors, we will provide you with access to over 4,500 colleges and universities throughout the United States.
Select a Package and Create Your Profile
We offer four packages: Silver, Gold, Diamond or VIP. Please review and see what level of services best meets your needs. Once you checkout you will receive a link to create your profile. You will provide us with information that will be needed to submit and complete your applications as well as better help assist our advising team understand you as a student.
Schedule Your
Once you are a client of GlobalSPN you will have a phone or skype interview with one of your advisors. This interview will help us get to know you on a personal level and find out exactly what you wish for us to consider while researching schools and locations.
Begin Selection and Admissions Process
Depending on your package we will advise and guide you along the entire process, providing you A to Z assistance. We want to make this process as fun and easy as possible for you your family. This will be an ongoing process our advisors will be in constant contact with you via email, phone, and video conferencing.
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